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Huntersville, NC

Furniture Assembly Services

Do you know that 6 out of 10 couples argue while assembling the furniture at home? If you don’t want to ruin your weekend by arguing with your partner, then you should get our furniture assembly services. Our professionals have years of experience in assembling all sorts of furniture. We can assemble beds, sofas, tables, and more. You will avoid all the stress and tension while still getting perfectly assembled furniture. Also, we will assemble it in no time as our experts have mastered the process by assembling countless pieces of furniture. So, call us now and enjoy a happy weekend with your family.

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Furniture Installation

Furniture installation isn’t as easy as it seems. It involves lifting heavy weights, moving things without damage, proper placement, and a lot more. You can easily get injured or damage the furniture during a DIY installation. You can simply avoid these muscle strains and other injuries by getting professional help.

Furniture Repair

Got damaged furniture? Get it fixed with our furniture repair services. Our experts are equipped with the latest tools and repair materials to quickly perform all sorts of repairs. We use only top-quality repair materials and adhesives for maximum strength. We ensure durability and reliability every time.

Furniture Restoration

Planning on throwing away your worn-out furniture? Wait as you can restore it with our furniture restoration service. Our experts will restore it to its original condition. You will save a lot of money on buying brand-new furniture. The restored furniture will last for years without any need for repairs.

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Shed Assembly

Assembling a shed is a tedious and complex task. There are multiple components that almost look the same. Many people get confused and it sometimes takes them days to complete the task. This can cost you a lot especially if there’s any unexpected rain or hailstorm. Such an event can ruin your investment.

Shed Builders

Building a shed might seem like a fun task but in reality, it can be very dangerous. You can get cuts and splinters. Hammering and cutting can also cause small injuries if you are not experienced. Your best bet for a painless shed is to get help from your local shed builders.

Shed Installation

Proper measurements are crucial for a reliable shed installation. Our experts put extreme focus on making measurements throughout the process. The more precise these are the perfect your shed will be. Our expertise will result in a seamless and good leaking shed. You can depend on it for all of your storage.

Shed Repair

Delaying a shed repair means that you are putting all of your stored belongings at risk. Our professional repairmen can provide durable on-spot repairs to make sure that your shed is able to protect your belongings. Our repairs can withstand all the harsh weather conditions of Huntersville, NC.

Gazebo Assembly

Your dream of having a beautiful garden gazebo can easily be ruined with a DIY gazebo assembly. These structures sit outside in the open for the rest of their life. They face rainfall, snow, and more. If you misplace even one of the panels or don’t tighten a screw properly, it can cause leakages. It’s way smarter to hire one of our professionals. We will ensure that there are no seams in the roof or any other part. You will get a 100% leak-proof gazebo. It’s worth getting professional help that will safeguard your investment for the rest of its life. So, hire our experts now.

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Gazebo Installation

Ground inspection is a crucial part of a gazebo installation. Our experts will analyze the ground to check for any loose soil or soft bedding. They will choose the best place and suggest any reinforcement if needed. We will ensure perfect placement so that it does not tilt in the future.

Gazebo Replacement

We make sure that you get a gazebo replacement without creating a mess out of your garden. We carefully remove the old gazebo while clearing all the debris. Our experts install the new gazebo while ensuring no plants or decorations are damaged. We will leave you with a beautiful gazebo in a clean and tidy garden.

Handyman Services!

DDK Assembly Company provides the most affordable handyman service in the area. We are focused on making a living while helping our community in whatever way possible. We provide market-competitive prices while still providing quality services. Our experts have helped countless people to get their work done while staying within the budget. Our services include but are not limited to carpentry, assembly, woodwork, and more. Apart from plumbing and electric work, we will help you with anything. You will save a lot of your money which you can utilize somewhere else. So, call us now and get expert assistance.

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Why Choose Us?

DDK Assembly Company has been in the industry for many years. We are a fully certified and licensed company providing quality services in Huntersville, NC. We take immense pride in achieving a 100% customer satisfaction and retention ratio over the years of our service. Our experts can help you with a wider variety of services. These include furniture assembly, shed building & repair, restoring & repairing furniture, Installing furniture, assembling sheds and gazebos, wall mount services, furniture delivery services, bounce house rentals, office assembly, playground set assembly, interior designing, and more. Call us now and talk to our experts regarding your specific needs.

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